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AkzoNobel adjuvants help ensure more effective crop protectionqrcode

Apr. 21, 2014

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Apr. 21, 2014

AkzoNobel adjuvants help ensure more effective crop protection

Throughout the world, AkzoNobel provides innovative surface chemistry technologies for crop protection and the enhancement of agrochemical products. AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry serves formulators and active ingredient producers by providing them with solutions that will help farmers to increase the yield and quality of their crops – solutions that are not only effective but also environmentally safe, sustainable and economical. New solutions recently launched by AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry are designed to address the loss of crop protection from the air due to spray drift and on the ground due to the lack of plant/weed penetration:
Adsee DR22 is a cellulose-based polymer suspension developed as an agricultural adjuvant to help increase deposition and reduce the significant loss of crop protection product that results from drift, bounce-off or rain wash-off.
Adsee 611 is a multipurpose adjuvant developed for rice production. It is robust and effective for herbicide, fungicide and insecticide formulations.
Adsee DR22
Spray drift can prevent a substantial portion of a pesticide from reaching its intended target, thus requiring more of the pesticide spray to achieve adequate target coverage. Spray drift can also expose people, wildlife, and the environment to pesticide residues that might cause health or environmental effects and property damage. If the amount of off-target droplets can be reduced, there is a huge potential both for cost savings and reduced environmental impact.
Adsee DR22 is a powerful formulation tool that will help growers, custom applicators and green-space managers minimize loss and improve delivery efficacy to enable more cost-effective farming that is also more sustainable. Formally launched this past February at the Crops & Chemicals Europe 2014 Conference in Berlin, Germany, it is the culmination of the collaborative efforts of AkzoNobel researchers in Sweden and the USA to determine the droplet formations, retention properties, stickiness and moisture pickup by different polymer compositions and formulation development that enabled them ultimately to achieve the performance objectives for this new agricultural adjuvant.
Adsee DR22 deposition-enhancing adjuvant is a new addition to the AkzoNobel portfolio of specialty adjuvants designed specifically to address the efficient delivery of modern agricultural formulations.
Adsee 611
For tankside and in-can crop protection applications, Adsee 611 is AkzoNobel’s next-generation technology solution. A highly optimized blend of fatty amine polymer with a quaternary compound, Adsee 611 is the latest advance in the amine-based chemistries and formulations developed and patented by AkzoNobel for agricultural adjuvants over more than three decades. It is designed to provide multifunctional activity with multiple active ingredients.
Performance studies conducted by AkzoNobel researchers on rice crops have demonstrated the ability of Adsee 611 to perform effectively with herbicides, fungicides and insecticides of different chemical families: Abamectin (a natural-based insecticide), triazole and strobilurin fungicides, and ALS and ACC-ase inhibitor herbicides such as bispyribac and cyhalofop. Adsee 611 has also been seen to improve not only penetration but also wetting and compatibility depending on the active ingredient formulation and other tank-mix components. In addition, Adsee 611 has been shown to exceed the performance of alcohol ethoxylates and NPEs as an adjuvant in tankside or in-can crop protection applications.
Adsee 611 contains double-duty surfactants that can add emulsification, wetting and/or compatibility to herbicide, insecticide and fungicide formulations in-can and then enable it to perform as an adjuvant in the ultimate tank mix. Further research conducted by AkzoNobel has shown that adjuvants, when intimately mixed with an active ingredient, tend to have a better biological effect than when the adjuvant and active formulation are mixed in a spray tank just before application.
Samples of Adsee DR22 deposition-enhancing adjuvant and Adsee 611adjuvant for rice crops are available for field evaluation.
Source: AkzoNobel

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