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Aug. 27, 2012

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Aug. 27, 2012
Yet another milestone has been reached with the new registration of Authority® in Brazil. Authority® is one of the new differentiated end products for controlling fungal diseases in several crops. With Authority®, the grower obtains improved crop protection without stopping plant growth.
The new registration is absolutely key for our succes with the introduction of azoxystrobin in the market this year and is to contribute to boost sales and profitability in the upcoming season in Brazil.
Authority® is a new unique mixture based on the active ingredients azoxystrobin and flutriafol, both already well-known in the market and marketed for crop protection in a large number of crops. Azoxystrobin is the most important and best-selling fungicide in the world with sales totalling more than USD 1 billion. Azoxystrobin is belonging to the group of strubilurines representing approx. 15 percent of the crop protection market in Brazil.
The new registration allows us to market the product for use in soybean, being the most important crop because of the size of the market in Brazil, in addition to wheat, cotton, and coffee. Label extensions for more crops are expected in the coming years including corn, beans and banana.
Differentiated products offer improved crop protection solutions to farmers. Authority® has several qualities. The synergies of azoxystrobin, being a strobilurin, and flutriafol, being a triazol, open a broader spectrum of effectiveness and reduce the development of resistance. Some triazoles are causing side effects such as preventing the plant growth for a period, thus affecting yields of crop growers. Authority® does not cause this injury which enables application in the earlier growth stages of the plants and thereby differentiating itself from competitive products in the market.
Authority® is to be marketed all over Brazil to large distributors, co-operatives and soybean, cotton, coffee and wheat growers. Soybean are grown all over Brazil, whereas cotton mainly is grown in the Northern part and wheat primarily in the Southern part of Brazil due to climatic conditions.
Cheminova Brazil has launched marketing campaigns communicating the differentiated advantages of Authority® thereby establishing the concept among customers before the start of the upcoming season. As part of the campaigns field trials have been used for demonstrating the excellent results in addition to advertisements in relevant newspapers, magazines and radio. Currently, approx. 6,000 growers have participated in demonstrations.
Strategically important development project
With azoxystrobin coming out of patent, Cheminova decided several years ago to improve the product portfolio with end products based on this active ingredient by developing our own new formulations and mixtures in addition to production processes. Cheminova will market products based on azoxystrobin as straight formulations containing only this one active ingredient as well as mixtures with other active ingredients as seen with the mixture with flutriafol.
Registrations up until now
Cheminova's first registration for azoxystrobin was obtained end of 2011 in Colombia with permission to market the straight formulation Azaka® for use in rice, onions and bananas. In Taiwan and South Africa we have also obtained registrations for azoxystrobin. The first registration for the mixture with flutriafol was obtained in Belarus end of 2011 and this year in Brazil. More registrations and label extensions around the globe are expected to follow in the coming years.

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