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−− Creating a Sustainable Future with Croda Crop Care

Oct. 26, 2020

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Oct. 26, 2020


From 03 – 05 November, join Croda Crop Care and our team of global experts in this virtual journey to explore the new challenges and current trends that the agrochemical industry faces and discover the key to sustainable formulation success through a series of interactive live presentations and on-demand booths.

The three day event will include industry presentations by invited guest speakers from AgbioInvestor and Decalibron LLC as well as showcasing how we continue to exemplify our commitment to sustainability through our purpose ‘Smart Science to Improve LivesTM in our Commitment to be Climate, Land and People Positive by 2030.


Live Webinars

 Day 1, 3 Nov

Looking to Tomorrow: Navigating through the Challenges of the Ag Industry

Day 2, 4 Nov

Croda's Solutions to Challenging Formulation Issues

Day 3, 5 Nov

Stable Formulations: Building Blocks & Advancements



  Sustainable Innovation from Seed to Harvest;   Croda Crop Care and the UN Sustainable Development Goals 

  *Featured Presentation*
  Crop Protection and Seed Market Overview by AgbioInvestor

  Tiny Particles with Big Impact: 

  Your Partner in Microbial Formulations 

  Croda Product Portfolio 

  Unravel the Secrets of Formulating Oil   Dispersions 

  Tackling the Difficulties of Inhibiting   Crystal Growth 

  Formulating for Electrolyte Tolerance 

  Formulation 101: Suspension Concentrate   & Suspoemulsion Formulations 

  Advances in Dispersant Technology for Complex Use

  *Featured Presentation*
  The U.S. Adjuvant Market Today And What is Driving It

   Adjuvancy Explored: Connecting Characteristics   and Methodology 

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On-demand Booths

Throughout the duration of the symposium, you can explore at your leisure our interactive booths which include a video presentation, downloadable literature, and an opportunity to chat 1-on-1 with our sales representatives or technical experts.

Croda Crop Care and Beyond

Reap the synergistic benefits of the 3 brands under Croda Crop Care – Crop Protection, Incotec and Plant Impact.

Beyond Chemicals – Claims & Capabilities

Discover how we go beyond the supply of chemicals, giving you an insight to our range of characterisation techniques and methods that can help you enhance the performance of your products

New Product Launches from Croda Crop Protection

Take a look at our recent product launches, including our newest novel aqueous dispersant – Atlox™ 4917

Formulation Advice

Utilise our Experimental Design Tool to optimise the best surfactant ratio system for your formulation to get long-term stability

Formulation Overview

From the basics of formulation how to, to figuring out how to troubleshoot when you are faced with difficulties. Explore our Formulator’s Toolbox to get detailed information on each formulation type


Delve into our wide range of multi-functional adjuvants to find the best desirable effect for your end use requirements


Discover more about seed enhancement and how this contributes to reducing the environmental impact. Explore their new range of microplastic free seed coating products.

The full agenda of the symposium is also available for download on our website. Get a copy today to start planning your schedule for our 3-day virtual symposium!


 We look forward to welcoming you at Let’s Talk Ag Symposium 2020 - Creating a Sustainable Future with Croda Crop Care!

For more information & registration, please feel free to contact us:
Email: cropcare@croda.com
Website: www.crodacropcare.com

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