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Jan. 25, 2019

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Jan. 25, 2019
On January 9th, ADOB company released the new BRNA technology in Qingdao, China.
Deng Zhiyong, General manager of ADOB China, said that with the release of China's pesticide zero fertilizer growth policy, water pollution law and soil pollution law, soil health has become a top priority for China's agricultural development. Under the background of persistently low agricultural prices, the role of high-quality agricultural products is becoming more prominent, and the role of micronutrient fertilizers in improving the quality of products is also becoming prominent. As a global leader in high-end micronutrient fertilizers, ADOB launched the BRNA technology to support the sustainable agriculture.

Adam Nawrocki, chairman and chief scientist of ADOB
, said that microelements play an important role in metabolic processes, enzymatic reactions, red-ox ones and many other. Although the amount of micronutrient in the organisms is small, it is very important. Rational application of microelements is critical to soil, crops and human health.
Katarzyna Nawrocka, Head of Asia Pacific of ADOB, explained why BRNA technology should be used and its advantages:
The use of nitrogen atoms in combination with oxygen which are so called donor atoms enable transfer of free electron pairs to centrally situated transition metals: iron, manganese, zinc, copper and complexes are formed being stable in solution. Or the native nutrients could be released from the soils, both macro- and microelements.
- Releasing effect of macro P,K and microelements from soils while applied without fertilizers
- BRNA molecule complexes microelements with moderate stability constants thus making them available to the plant
- BRNA molecule is readily biodegradable acc. to OECD standards at 70% rate within 28 days
- Fumaric acid or its salts are end products after biodegradation and they are found in food thus being safe for humans and animals
- Both products ADOB Ca BRNA and ADOB Mg BRNA are anion free, no chlorides, sulphates etc.
- All ingredients in ADOB Ca BRNA and ADOB Mg BRNA are available to plants so no accumulation in the soils and leaching to ground waters
Experimental data conclusions about BRNA

- BRNA molecule, without additional fertilizers is able to uptake macro and microelements from the soil and transport them to the plant.
- The fertilizers enriched by the BRNA formula can limit the fertilizer amounts in the environment.
- A significant impact on root and shoot fresh biomass was noticed after applying BRNA enriched fertilizers. The increase results were from 6% up to 30% accordingly.
- Also the root length and root diameter presented a significant increase after the application of fertilizers with the BRNA formula, from 20% to 30% accordingly.

The conference finally held the authorized distribution signing ceremony of ADOB and more than 30 outstanding distributors in China. 

Source: AgroNews

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