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Brazilian glyphosate import market – part Iqrcode

Jan. 24, 2019

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Jan. 24, 2019
Glyphosate is the most used agrochemical in the world as well as in Brazil. Banned in France, it has been in process of phase out for 3 years. In Brazil, glyphosate is under reevaluation by ANVISA, agency responsible for health, which does not prevent the approval of new glyphosate based registrations, neither commercial sales.
In Brazil, there are 112 registered trade brands, most of them stand alone and a few mixtures with 2,4-D, mainly, and also with metolachlor.
The most registered type of formulation is SL (soluble concentrate). In the last few years, WG (water dispersible granule) has significantly increased the market share of imported products. One of the reasons for this change is the disposal of the package, mandatory by the Brazilian legislation. Considering WG formulation is solid and more active ingredient concentrated, the disposal cost is much lower when compared with plastic packages of liquid formulation. Another reason is the transportation costs. In accordance with IMPORT REPORT released byAllierBrasil, it is verified the growth on import of solid formulations and sharp decline on importation of liquid products.
Source: IMPORT REPORT by AllierBrasil
Based on importation data of MIPA and PIA, raw materials used in the synthesis of technical glyphosate, in accordance with the respective synthesis rout, glyphosate production is much more significant than the imported products.
Regarding the prices of the imported products, there was significant increase in the last 3 years.
From the formulation SL, it is highlighted the brand GRASSATO from CHDS do Brasil, which was the main importer in 2018, while the WG formulation it is highlighted the brands from Albaugh, Nufarm and Rainbow. Regarding the technical product, the main importers are Syngenta, Monsanto and Nufarm.
The main exporters of glyphosate to Brazil, whether of formulated product or technical product, are the Chinese manufacturers. Only one American manufacturer is highlighted in the export of the technical product, corresponding to approximately one third of the total. On the other hand, regarding raw materials for the synthesis of the technical glyphosate, the United States is the main exporter.
Complete data of the import of glyphosate and other pesticides shall be presented in the 15th Forum AllierBrasil – Nanjing, to be carried out in May, in China.
On December 2018, the Ministry of Agriculture suspended several glyphosate registrations (technical and formulated products), which held as supplier Jiangsu Yinyan Specialty Chemicals Co. Ltd. Manufacturer located at Zhoutie Town, Yixing, Jiangsu, China. This happened, as stated by the Brazilian authorities, for the fact that the company finished the production of glyphosate.
The shutdown of pesticide factories, mainly in China, has been a growing concern for Brazilian importers, because it directly affects product registrations, due to such registration being approved by the manufacturer. If there is any alteration of the manufacturer, the registration must be updated. While the registration is not updated, in accordance with the legislation, the product cannot be imported/traded. From now on it is expected from the regulatory agencies connected to the registration of products a higher inspection regarding the origin of the imported products. 
This is why it is fundamental to be performed meticulous selection of the manufacturers for the registration of products. With this purpose, AllierBrasil is organizing in May the 3rd AgriTour - China. It is a 10-day visit to qualified factories of agrochemicals, including glyphosate, which companies are interested in partnerships with companies from Latin America.

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