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Jul. 17, 2018

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Jul. 17, 2018
Product Overview

Seaweed polysaccharide is a kind of polysaccharide containing rich sulfuric acid ester, where its monosaccharide composition includes rhamnose and glucuronic acid. Therefore, seaweed polysaccharide is a kind of polyhydroxy native compound. On the one hand, it can provide crop growth with organic carbon, but on the other hand, the active hydroxyl can have a chelating reaction with medium trace elements, which increases the utilization rate. Seawin Biotech's Polysaccharide 45 developed in this philosophy can be treated as a pure natural biostimulant for application to agricultural production.
Product Features
Light beige powder, 100% water-soluble, pH: 5-7
Main Ingredients: Seaweed polysaccharides≥45%, organic matter≥40%, K2O≥4%
Action Mechanism and Function
1. As a kind of natural biostimulant, polysaccharide can regulate the plant growth hormone, protease, lipase, amylase and chlorophyll contents to promote plant development.
2. Can enhances crop immunity and stress resistance through increase of  stress-tolerant enzymes, osmotic adjustment substances and enhancement of respiratory action.
3. Can enhance crop nutrient uptake via systematic action with nutrient elements, thus enhancing the fertilization effect. 
Demonstration of Effect

Maize seedling test
1. Maize is a seed soaked with Polysaccharide 45, starting from germination to the early stage of the seedling. This helps to regulate hormones in vivo and enzyme.

Test Results
In the early stage of maize growth, 50-fold concentration seed dressing has the best effect of growth. Generally, 150-fold seed dressing performs well in respect of leaf thickness and leaf color, which appears in good vegetative growth, while its germination rate and germination period are superior to other methods. 
Wheat seed salt tolerance test
Test Results: Salt water, added with Polysaccharide 45, can greatly reduce the impact of salt stress on wheat seed germination. 
Increase of nitrogen fertilizer use efficiency
Polysaccharide is treated with passivation of urease to inhibit the decomposition of urea, thus achieving higher use efficiency of urea. Chelation with other nutrient elements enhances the nutrient uptake and increases the fertilization effect.
Based on this action mechanism, Seawin Biotech has developed its polysaccharide urea products, which greatly enhance the use efficiency of nitrogen fertilizer. 
Percentage loss of ammonia gas of nitrogen fertilizer in soil
Method of Treatment
Percentage loss of ammonia gas of nitrogen fertilizer in soil on different number of days
7 days
14 days
20 days
40 days
Polysaccharide urea
Source: AgroNews

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