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Mar. 9, 2017

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Mar. 9, 2017
Glufosinate was initially developed using biological fermentation techniques. In earlier years, the market price of glufosinate was 20% AS and as high as Yuan 150,000 per ton, while sales were limited to premium markets in Europe, the US and Japan. 
However, following its being manufactured at an industrialized level glufosinate developed quickly, but was still limited due to the glufosinate technical manufacturing process to being produced by Yongnong Biochemical and Bayer. At that time, the market was regarded as being in its initial stage. 
Before 2006, except for the glufosinate AS supplied as samples, there was almost no formulation product being sold. In 2007, Yongnong Biological began mass production of Baisudun®, being the first formulation produced, promoted and sold in China.
Before 2012, the ex-works price of glufosinate 20% AS was maintained at Yuan 90,000/ton and the market price at Yuan 140,000/ton, which is far higher than the market prices of paraquat 20% and glyphosate 41%. However, following continuing experimentation, demonstrations, promotion and publicity, as well as the end of the registration of glyphosate 10% and paraquat 20%, the sales of glufosinate formulation grew quickly in China.
In the 10 years since 2007, Yongnong Biochemical has endeavored to validate Baisudun, which is regarded as a masterpiece glufosinate 20% AS and a representational product of Yongnong Chemical.
History of Product Development 
Early 2007: Only two tons of Yongnong’s Baisudun was sold, one ton of which was given away as free samples or mainly used for experimental purposes in demonstrations. At that time, the product served to help develop the market.
Early 2008: Yongnong’s glufosinate technical was exclusively developed for export. The quantity of Baisudun® formulation produced was only 4 tons, which was used for field trials, technical demonstrations and presentation purposes.
Early 2009: Yongnong Chemical took advantage of glufosinate technical to adjust the selling price of Baisudun. The sales of Baisudun in Guangdong reached 30 tons, which was a breakthrough in the sale of the product.
Early 2010: sales in Guangdong reached over 70 tons, as the product was well accepted by farmers in Guangdong province.
Early 2011: sales in the Chinese market reached nearly 300 tons, as Baisudun became increasingly well-known. Agricultural material dealers began approaching Yongnong for cooperation in an exclusive agency agreement.
Early 2012: sales of Baisudun reached 600 tons, which was far more than the total of other glufosinate varieties sold in China. Baisudun has become a necessity on the shelves of agricultural material retail shops.
Early 2013: the sales of the single herbicide Baisudun reached 1,000 tons, becoming a best-seller in south Yangtze region and a key product among primary distributors.
Early 2014: the sales of the single herbicide Baisudun reached Yuan 100 million. 
Early 2015: Baisudun began a spurt growth, with sales on a high-speed growth track.
As of 30th December 2016, the production capacity of single herbicide Baisudun remained far ahead in the market.
The market position of Baisudun is currently described as follows:
- Sales, brand awareness and industry influence appear far ahead of its competitors. The name of Yongnong and Baisudun are associated with glufosinate within the industry. 
- In 2002, Yongnong’s Baisudun became listed in the “2012-2017 Key Product for Promotion” program of the National Agricultural Technology Extension Center of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture.
Baisudun’s market share has led the market since its release in 2007, having now also attracted attention from distributors in North China, including those in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Gansu and Heilongjiang.
2012 was declared to be the “Year of Glufosinate” by agricultural media. Baisudun has now become the number one brand of glufosinate 20% AS. In 2012, Baisudun was rated by the Southern Agricultural Bulletin as a “2011-2012 superior herbicide with the most growth potential”. Glufosinate has also become a mainstream product in the developed Guangdong market.
Source: AgroNews

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