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Mar. 21, 2014

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Mar. 21, 2014
AgroPages invited three Chairmen of leading Chinese pesticide companies to comment the development of Chinese pesticide industry of 2013 and forecast 2014. They thought Chinese pesticide industry of 2014 is full of challenges and opportunities.

Q: How would you comment on the development of China’s pesticide industry in 2013?

Zhang: 2013 is a turning year of pesticide industry when small-scale agrochemical enterprises and products of overcapacity have been contained to certain degree; and government’s environmental compliance inspection and enforcement have been further strengthened.

Wang: From the perspective of Chinese pesticide enterprise, we can feel the accelerated restructuring within the industry. On the other hand, more producers and dealers are transforming from the past role of production and marketing toward more roles in the business chains.

Qi: China’s pesticide industry still undergoes a transformation. Government departments in charge are expected to respond to the appeal from industry leaders to establish a sound supervision system to regulate the business operations in a standardized manner to ensure an open, fair and orderly market competition as well as to fight against fake products and pollutions.

Q: As a Chinese glyphosate leader, how would you comment on the change of glyphosate market in 2013 and its future prospects?

Zhang: Glyphosate market is returning to its right track of market-based pricing principle, where speculation has been put under control. Glyphosate demand in the world market in 2014 will become relatively stable with price going up slightly, but no chance of significant rise.

Q: As an overseas marketing pioneer, what were the measures and experiences of Rainbow Chemical in opening up overseas market in 2013?

Wang: I don’t think there is a universal pattern for opening up different market, as each market has different features. Our development phases in different market are all different. At present we are looking for a right approach to our presence in different phases in different market.

Q: As a pyrethroid pesticide leader, what do you think of the current status and future prospects of China’s hygienic pesticide applications?

Qi: China’s current status of hygienic pesticide applications is not very optimistic, suffering from lots of restraints. In this market, general demand is decreasing while specific demand is growing. So industry players have to be adapted so as to survive via enhanced management and restructured product line supported by technical upgrade and innovation to the benefit of enterprises and also to the best interests of the whole industry.

Q: What is your expectation of the development of your company in 2014?

Zhang: Fuhua’s policy in 2014 is to firstly maintain and ensure the stable operation of existing capacity; secondly to ensure an absolute compliance with latest national environmental regulation; and the third is to make a proper plan to enable Fuhua to become one of the global prime glyphosate suppliers.

Wang: In 2014, as guided by the innovation concept, Rainbow Chemical is prepared to give more input into the establishment of platform which can lead the company to enter the world market, carry out innovative management reform to allow overseas branches to operate independently.

Qi: In our 2014 planning, we are prepared to open up more market for hygienic pesticide and meanwhile maintain good exports of some products. Effort will be also made to reinforce domestic pesticide marketing to achieve a better performance in 2014.

Source: AgroNews

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